About the Department

The Department of English is one among the established departments since the inception of the University in the year 1987. It actively involves in various research works in the area of English Language and Literature. The Department is honoured to conduct International conferences in Association with ELTAI- India, Regional English Language Office, US Embassy, New Delhi, WestCliff University, California, to name a few. The Department is honoured to have the visits of distinguished ELT practitioners like Dr.Jeremy Harmer, Dr. Tessa Woodward, Mr. Richard Byoum, Dr. Julie Ciancio, Dr.Shreesh Chowdhary, Dr.Saraswathi, Dr Challammmal, Dr Mangalam Neelakantan etc. Every year, the department organizes conferences at international, national level besides conducting workshops, seminars and invited lectures both for the students and the teacher educators. The department offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in ELT and English Literature.