About the Conference

International Conference on Trends in Teaching and Assessing English Language and Literature (TAELL- 18) focuses on the critical role that language teaching and assessment play in the field of education. The conference focuses on educating the participants on the latest trends in teaching and assessing English language and literature. It also thrusts on enhancing the teaching abilities of English language teachers by providing workshops in teaching English language and provide opportunities to improve their knowledge in the area of methods, principles and materials so as to equip them to meet the needs of the students at various levels and with different learner styles to face the challenges of 21st Century. As the emphasis on communicative competence in education systems continues, new technology solutions for teaching and testing will also be explored. The conference aims to provide a forum for presentation of innovative approaches and practical solutions, with a focus on real-life case studies and works-in-progress reports

Target Audience:

With a focus on language teaching and assessment within educational systems in East Asia, the conference seeks to attract teacher educators, testing practitioners, policy makers and implementers, and other stakeholders with an interest in the impact of teaching and assessment language and literature. It will also appeal to language academics wishing to gain insight into current research in the field as well as new directions in teaching and testing practices in East Asia. The conference is organised to attract the EFL/ESL/ELT communities to promote connections between theory and practice, and explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into different practices. Researchers, linguists, EFL/ESL experts, teacher educators, material developers and scholars are invited to submit their papers.